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Methandrostenolone – Dianabol Steroids Doses and Effects! [2020]

Methandrostenolone is standard name of chemical compound which comes in many names in the supplement industry.

Its history is a bit controversial that either it’s introduced in late 1950’s or early 1960’s.

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But, it still has a huge impact on supplement industry. Decades have passed but methandrostenolone still remains in the top list of supplement being used worldwide.

The factors which make it favorite for consumers are easy handling and visibly great effects from start of cycle.

Methandrostenolone is a testosterone derived anabolic steroid.

The ideal steroid should be more anabolic in nature than androgenic and methandrostenolone fits in this category which makes it one of highly used steroid.

It is highly potent steroid and like other steroids it has side effects as well.

Methandrostenolone’s popularity faces up and down during its career but still manages to stand out till date.

Is Methandrostenolone Legal? 

Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) is famous and legal as it has been sold as medicine.

But, legality of steroids varies from country to country.

It may be its legal somewhere but illegal in other countries.

The potential side effects of methandrostenolone are high this makes the product questionable.

In some countries methandrostenolone is only legal to buy with a prescription but, doctors won’t easily prescribe you for using steroids because man handling of such potent compound can lead to significant health hazards.

Before buying methandrostenolone go through your countries laws towards steroids this will solve many questions for you.

How Methandrostenolone Works? 

The working of Methandrostenolone can be summed up as quick acting and sensational.

Methandrostenolone work out with you in different ways.

This includes:

1. Good muscle mass:

Methandrostenolone make sure that the muscle mass you gain is pure and lean muscles not the water and fat bulks.

The muscle mass obtained by its use is strong and harder which gives you a ripped physique.

With good diet and work out muscle gains are obvious.

2. Better stamina:

It also facilitates in work outs by increasing stamina of individuals.

This helps in increasing the time duration of daily work out, which indirectly increases the muscle gains as well.

3. Performance enhancement:

Methandrostenolone gives a boost to performance regardless of what sport field or athletic back ground you are from.

This enhancement can be seen in daily routines as well.

4. Protein synthesis & nitrogen retention:

This step is essential for buildup of muscles, if enough nitrogen isn’t available work out turns to be catabolic instead of anabolic.

Good amount of nitrogen helps in muscle building and protein synthesis as well.

Protein on the other hand is the base of muscle building. These both traits combine helps in building a pure and lean muscle mass.

Methandrostenolone Doses

The maximum dose for methandrostenolone is 50 mg at this amount of steroids maximum benefits can be attained by it.

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Dose for men:

Men usually use methandrostenolone In the ranges of 25-50 mg, these doses are best for athletes and body builders as well.

Dose for women:

Women usually take 10 mg – 20 mg, body building women may extend the doses to higher range. But, high dose comes with bigger prices especially for women.

Dose for beginners:

Beginners are recommended to start with 20 mg in case of men. Women are suggested to start with this steroid with 5 mg every day.

Over dosing:

Over dosing with any anabolic steroid is extremely dangerous and life threatening as well.

There are some professionals who manage with high dose of methandrostenolone up to 100 mg but this dose isn’t recommended at all.

Methandrostenolone Cycle

Initial cycle of methandrostenolone comprise of 10 weeks with 20 mg dose for each day,

Later on combination of different other steroids along with methandrostenolone can be used.

The doses in those cycles extend up to 25 mg – 50 mg. the end week of cycle usually have lesser dose than the other week.

No one can recommend a cycle to other because it varies from person to person and the goals they want to achieve from this steroid.

It is suggested to design a cycle of your own needs by the help of some professionals.

Methandrostenolone Side Effects

This isn’t the most dangerous anabolic steroid in the testosterone derived anabolic steroids community, however it can bring across a large group of possible problems. 

side effects of methandrostenolone

Those problems are as follows:

1. Esterogenic nature:

This feature is alarming in case of males because it can cause diseases like gynecomastia and high water retention.

Excessive water retention can also generate issues of high blood pressure, which Methandrostenolone is famous for causing.

2. Androgenicity:

Such reactions of Methandrostenolone use sums up; skin swelling, quickened male pattern baldness and excessive body hair development Most men ought not have an issue with such effects.

But, female users have complaints of virilization because of high androgenic nature of this supplement.

3. Heart diseases:

Methandrostenolone can have a clearly spoken bad effect on cholesterol.

This incorporates HDL cholesterol decrease and (increases a tiny bit) in LDL cholesterol, and the group changes can be huge.

This change in lipid profile can end up causing heart diseases.

4. Low testosterones:

After its use the natural production of testosterones is compromised and to bring back it to normal PCT post cycle therapies are conducted because, low testosterones might harm you in long run.

5. Hepatotoxicity:

It is a C17-alpha alkylated anabolic steroid, and (after that), brings across a hepatotoxic nature.

The rate of hepatotoxicity can shift incredibly starting with one C17-aa steroid then onto the next.

How to buy Methandrostenolone Online?

Methandrostenolone online is the least demanding approach to buy the steroid

In places like the United States, buying Methandrostenolone online is illegal and a violation of government law.

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In the U.S. anabolic steroids are transferred to Schedule III possibly dangerous drugs. 

You should have a solution to lawfully buy and have anabolic steroids.

The laws with respect to anabolic steroids can differ amazingly relying upon the nation being referred to.

the solution to it is pretty simple.

  • Go through your country’s laws and find if it’s alright to use this supplement.
  • Look for cash on delivery sites.
  • Go with the most famous and respected sellers of steroids.
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These precautions can minimize the chances of scam and law violations by you.

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