Dianabol (Dbol) Review – Anabolic Steroids for Mass and Strength

A Detailed review and summary on Dianabol (Dbol) pills!

Anabolic steroids have always been common in bodybuilders from the time these were made available for therapeutic use especially the ones with muscle gaining and strength enhancing qualities like Dianabol which is thus far, the most searched and in demand performance enhancing substance present around.

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The course of muscle building is tough and testing and the only thing mass gainers can think of is turning to shortcuts. Admittedly, anabolic drugs like Dianabol are the shortcuts to the common goals they set for themselves.

While the general anabolic drugs would need injections to manage and handle, this was the first one to be presented in the oral form.

Despite the fact that men were eager to go to any lengths to use performance enhancers then, this innovative approach to use steroids in the form of pills attracted others, making the use of Dianabol more and more prevailing than others.

Ever since the beginning, professionals, layman as well as men from the athletic world were drawn to it and why not, after all Dianabol have that power. It can literally introduce your muscle building, strength, fat loss and performance capacity to a whole new level and that too, in a very little time.

Now considering the demand, questions and doubts pertaining to Dianabol, we decided to pen up all the essential details you may need to learn about the anabolic steroid.

This comprehensive coverage on the oral steroid will help you learn more and more about its effects, side effects, dosages and more importantly, if there is any alternate you can consider in place of Dianabol.

So, let’s begin.


Dianabol (Dbol Pills)

As far as the creation of this anabolic steroid is concerned, it is said to be the invention of an American physician named John Bosley Ziegler.

Dianabol is known as Methandrostenolone in the dictionary of medicine that was treated as a tonic until it became accessible to general public when its muscle building benefits started to appear.

The performance enhancing drug entered the sports world in 1950s and by reaching 1070s; its consumption became general in the bodybuilding world. 

Mass gainers, sportsmen, weightlifters and everyone in need of rapid strength and muscles were heading and purchasing the oral drug over-the-counter and thus, it intake became more like a norm at that time.


It is a testosterone derived anabolic drug that is generally available in the pills form. The chemical structure of the steroid is like 17-Alpha Methyltestosterone, thereby, one cannot underestimate the anabolic and androgenic powers possessed by it.

is Methandrostenolone pills legal

The anabolic steroid uplifts your testosterone levels and that is how it manages to support those crazy muscle and strength gains in just no time. 

The performance enhancing formula has always been a staple for the majority of aggressive sportsmen and weightlifters that are ready to pay anything just to get an edge over the other.

In most of the cases, men new to anabolics start with the solo use of Dianabol, however, as they progress to a more advanced stage, they stack its use with other steroids to heighten up its intensity.

While Dianabol is loaded with benefits for weightlifters and bodybuilders, it is generally sought for its ability to kick in at a very rapid pace. That is, it begins to generate the desired changes in weight and physical power in a matter of 3-4 days.

 As you progress to a month or less with Dianabol, possibilities are that you may have add up some 8-10 pounds all the way and are feeling drastic improvements in your overall muscle strength too.

So yes, Dbol is that powerful!


Since the anabolic effects of Dbol are extremely strong and sufficient, it’s rare to need any other steroid in the cycle

Dianabol (Dbol Cycle)

However since the drug is found to put your natural tendencies to generate testosterone at rest, you just can’t go without a testosterone base or you will simply lose the effects you have gained through its use so far.

Ideally, you can begin with Dianabol at 25mg (per day) coupled with any ester of testosterone at 350mg (every seven days) for 2 consistent months.

Right when you will complete a month with this pattern, chances are that you will be halfway through the goals you have set for yourself.

In few cases, mass gainers double the dose of Dbol but reduce the dosage duration to half, but that is the dosage their body can tolerate and react in the way they want, hence, this entirely depends on you and your body’s capacity to bear Dianabol.

But considering the safety element and general tolerance level, we generally suggest Dianabol in lesser dose which you can take for more time than taking it in higher dose for lesser time.

Remember, no matter what pattern you choose for yourself, the cycle should not be exceeded from two months from that specific phase of time.


It’s interesting how Dianabol was treated as a magic potion to almost everything bodybuilders and weightlifters sought.

I mean, it was considered a solution for every single need they had, be it the physical power, strength, muscle growth or even the chiseling through fat loss.

However, ideally, Dianabol is great for three straight purposes:

  • Muscle Growth:

The pace at which Dianabol supports muscle growth is remarkably impressive. I mean, you will barely find any other steroid this fast, powerful and effective for muscle growth as much as Dbol is. Within the first few weeks with the performance enhancing drug, you will notice your muscles growing at an unstoppable rate and by the time you reach a month or less, the improvements will be somewhere between 8 to 10 lbs virtually. Once the cycle ends that is in 8 weeks, your body will weigh around 15-20 lbs extra from the weight you started with.

  • Strength Gain:

You learn the significance of strength when you start gymming, weight lifting or make your way to the athletic world. You need strength- like real physical power for everything you do and your survival is just not possible if you lack that. Through Dbal, you can gain that insane levels of strength needed to bear weights or endure those long sessions of workout. As a matter of fact, you will start feeling that superhuman strength in some 4-5 days of Dianabol use.

  • Fat loss:

Dianabol has a reputation of an agent that can heavily support muscle development however; little do we know and highlight the fat burning powers it also possesses. Interestingly, Dianabol seems to be an all-rounder, an agent that can run for your bulking, strength and cutting cycles- all at once. Basically, it provides pace to the metabolic activities that result in removing fats that may be concealing the muscles so, the gains achieved by Dbol are pretty clear and shaped as compared to other bulking agents that merely focus on muscle growth and not fat loss besides.


Now let’s keep all the good things about Dianabol aside, let’s come to the point where bad can happen with its use too.

side effects of Dianabol steroids

That is the side effects generally triggered from Dianabol.

Well, no matter how simple this compound is or how efficiently it aids your muscle building journey, the danger it carries cannot go far.

Some known side effects produced by Dianabol are:

  • Blood Pressure:

The anabolic steroid could lead to water retention in muscles and that can progress to a more problematic condition called high blood pressure. Now despite being a manageable condition, high blood pressure can further root to a heart attack which can be the end of world for some. Now you may question if high blood pressure is preventable during the cycle? Essentially, there are some ways to overcome a problem like this such as taking healthy foods or following other healthy habits, yet, keeping the blood pressure under control and that too, without resorting to any sort of medical aid is nothing but a test for those following the cycle of Dianabol.

  • Liver Damage:

We all know that anabolic steroids are extreme and Dianabol is no exception. It too causes great destruction for your liver that may end up being irreparable at some point.  Basically, the liver purify the digestive system from pollutant and contaminant but this oral form of anabolic steroid does not leave the liver and hence become a cause of harm to it. If this harm exceeds, it can either end up on any of the two terminal diseases- cancer or liver failure.

  • Gynecomastia:

The performance enhancing drug aromatizes which is one major cause of developing gynecomastia. While this may not be a potentially serious problem for your health, having man boobs can be pretty upsetting.

  • Cholesterol:

Taking care of the cholesterol level while you are on Dbol is nothing but a challenge as it can disturb its balance especially that of High-density lipoprotein. What’s worse is that following the cycle again and again adds to the chances of heart disease which is the reason why this anabolic steroid is strictly discouraged to those whose cholesterol health is already weak.

  • Testosterone Shutdown:

Besides many of its unavoidable side effects is one that can be prevented and reversed to some extent and that is the shutdown of testosterone that is naturally produced by our body. Yes, it negatively affects the making of this imperative hormone but using it in conjunction with a testosterone base- as we have mentioned earlier- will save you from the depressing signs of poor testosterone later.

Now these were the major five consequences you are likely to face during, after or with the frequent cycles of Dianabol.

Some minor side effects of it are:

  • Too much flatulence
  • Swelling and hair growth on face and other body parts
  • Acne
  • Disturbed stomach
  • Poor sex drive


Considering the rate and efficiency of Dianabol (Dbol Steroids), the method through which it generates the desired muscle and strength building effects is often questioned.

To help you better understand its mechanism, we have listed few processes that kick in when Dianabol is consumed:

  • Protein Synthesis:

The key approach used by this testosterone derivative is the increase of protein synthesis in the tissues of muscles. Protein synthesis is a natural process in which the cells make proteins and protein advantages the production of muscles and healing of the muscle fibers that have being damaged during the trainings.

  • Nitrogen Retention:

Dianabol encourages nitrogen retention and this is another powerful way through which it provokes size growth. Nitrogen is a module of amino acid that happens to be the monomers that compose something you badly need at this point in time- protein.  When nitrogen is preserved and saved from loss, you get to experience more and more anabolic effects for speedy muscle growth and their strength.

  • Hike in Testosterone:

Testosterone supports a plethora of goals set by mass gainers, weight lifters and sportsmen. It is a natural hormone having anabolic and androgenic powers that make it powerful enough to pace recovery and uplift your strength, muscle building capacity, physical power, performance and a lot more to state.

 However, given the natural abilities you have to produce testosterone, it cannot be assumed ‘enough’ to generate any of these benefits with the intensity and time you want. Thus, Dianabol elevates testosterones so that you can attain the gains and perform in the gym as it is desired.  

  • Making of R.B.C:

Red Blood Cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and are so, highly valuable for the health and performance of all our organs. Just as our organs, our muscles need oxygen too. Especially when we put them under pressure in the gym, their need for oxygen automatically increases.

Just when the muscles get to enjoy a healthy supply of oxygen during that point in time, you get to notice a hike in power, endurance and your overall performance.

  • Increase metabolic activities:

During the bulking phase, your body gets prone to gain fat because of the special foods and protein you take to add on mass. However, Dianabol increases metabolism and incites the burning of unwanted fats. As a result, the muscle gains generally produced by the anabolic steroid are noticeably clearer and free from fats.

These were some thoroughly mentioned ways revealed by the researchers depicting the mechanism and processes through which Dianabol works. However, it is important to mention that the anabolic drug also promotes Glycogenolysis for energy so that you do not fall short of it right when you need most of it that is during the trainings.


The compound generally comes in tablets and is available in different dosages for you to pick the one suitable for your body goals. These could start from 5 mg going all the way to 50 mg.

how to take dianabol (dbol) pills

Speaking from the affordability perspective, it is very reasonable in price however, as its half-life is brief, the frequency at which it is consumed is generally higher than the anabolics we have in the same category.

Thereby, it is highly advised that the dosage has to be kept low-normal so that the risks of substance abuse can be minimized.


Dianabol may appear as a very simple, oral steroid but we have already warned you about the complications that are generally triggered by it. With this, we mean that you need to be very careful while choosing your dosages and the time you will be taking them. With proper care and administration, the intensity of side effects can be somewhat reduced if not avoided!

So when should you take your dosage?

There are some users who take their dosage ahead of training, few like to in between whereas others take it right it. So it depends how you want to take things.

 Now you sit to plan your cycle based on the dosages and timings you will be following for these, keep in mind that you cannot limit the use of Dianabol to once every day. For example if you are taking 25 mg a day, you cannot have the entire daily dose at once during a specific time in a day.

You need to break the quantity for repeated use while ensuring a sufficient amount of gap for the liver to rest. In case you do not and take it back and forth after 3-4 hours, chances are that you will soon end dealing with complications you will never want at any point.


Determining the dose is not the same for everyone. It is something that needs few considerations beforehand for example, the amount your body can take and accept, age, sex, goals and the intensity and stage of training at which you currently are.


facts about dianabol oral steroids

 In addition to steroids, we have seen many combining its use along with different kind of dietary supplements like milk thistle and Liv-52. Interestingly, we have also observed a common practice that involves mixing Dbol with formulas that can watch over the liver like alpha-lipoic acid 17-aa steroids.

We have already mentioned that your liver tends to stay in utmost pressure when anabolic steroids are orally consumed. As a matter of fact, it happens to be the key organ responsible for working the most and letting the steroid out of the body safely and securely.

Now there are a plethora of over-the-counter formulas that can be ordered online. These are specifically designed to work in conjunction with anabolic steroids so that the pressure to the liver can be greatly minimized and risks involving its damage can be significantly reduced.


Superdrol, anabol and dianabol, these are three popular anabolic steroids that fall under the same category- muscle building category.

All of these possess great power and are unquestionably, a huge support people sought for their size goals.

But as far as the comparison of Superdrol and Anabol with Dianabol is concerned, yes, the derivatives of Dihydrotestosterone are way stronger and faster than this derivative of testosterone but let’s not forget that both of these are also powerful enough to lead serious complications, the intensity of which is way more lower than the intensity of side effects caused by Dianabol.

So yes, if its about the nature, all these lead to the increase in muscle growth but Superdrol and Anabol are way dangerous than let alone Dianabol is for your health.


As the anabolic steroid is categorized as Class C drug owing to the threat and risks it involves for your health, it is not available as a legal substance for anyone looking for it.

So yes, Dianabol- or say, the selling and purchasing of dianabol is considered a legal act and hence, any of such practice depicting your involvement can lead you to a legal mess.

D-bal Max and Crazy bulk Dbal are count as legal alternative to Dianabol Steroids.


As we have repeatedly mentioned earlier, Dianabol kicks in less than 3-4 days. This means that you will start observing some changes within a week while running on its cycle.

Now this change is not just restricted to the physical growth you seek, but in the strength you seek in the gym as well.

So yes, Dianabol is not just impressive in generating notable size and strength gains but the rate at which it kicks in is also remarkable.


You may expect that the results you want while keeping your health at stake with Dianabol are permanent and lasting, however, this is something that will never happen provided that your use is only limited to Dianabol in the cycle.

Dianabol Legal steroids before and after

However, if you manage to go smart with it and pair it with some other performance enhancing drug or testosterone, then it is very much likely that you will drop half of the glycogen and water added throughout that phase while keeping your mass growth intact.

So yes, you can’t keep the gains unless you go for something injectable as Dianabol itself is satisfying in the short run but not long.


 Honestly, if you take our advice, we will never suggest you the use of Dianabol or any other anabolic steroid unless you can handle it the way professional mass gainers and practiced athletes can.

Plus, being an illegal substance prohibited by FDA, IOC and WADA, it can put you on trial in case you are tested positive during some competition.

In case there is a medical need, it can be purchased through an authentic medical prescription and used under proper supervision by a doctor.

But if there is no medical need and you feel the need for the sake of growing bigger and stronger ‘one fine day’- skip the idea and seek better alternatives instead.

Remember, prevention is better than cure and that is something we need to act upon rather than just understanding.


Simply head to the local pharmacy if you are equipped with a genuine medical prescription for it or any other anabolic steroid.

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There are lot of searches in Google about the Dianabol for sale in GNC, Amazon, Walmart, CVS and other stores BUT unfortunately none of these big Giants are selling anabolic steroids.

Bear in mind that this is a controlled substance in many places like US, UK Canada and Australia and so, any practice involving its illegal sale and purchase is strictly watched by their respective administrations, thus, avoid unless it is a medical need and you have that solid proof in hand.

Essentially, Dianabol is also sold online for people belonging to the research-related fields. For cases like these, they are not required to show a prescription indicating their medical need.

Yes you can find Dianabol alternatives like D-bal Max or Dbal by Crazy bulk at Amazon, Walmart or GNC as they are Legal Anabolic supplements.

If you have this very intention, be very careful or you may possibly violate the local laws and held accountable for legal action.


Now this is a question we frequently come across as we only get to see the rosy picture when we are introduced with steroids but as soon as we get to learn about the actual facts and figures, we naturally run and look for some safer alternatives.

So yes definitely, there is a better alternative that is purposely engineered to produce that intensity of muscle building and strength gaining effects associated with Dianabol.

The formula we are referring to is Crazybulk D-Bal, a complete natural, safe and legal alternate for the anabolic steroid Dianabol.

Even though, Crazy Bulk is a name that speaks for itself, yet, the authenticity and effectiveness of its legal steroids are validated by thousands and thousands of customers that have trusted and benefitted from these substances.

Crazy Bulk D-bal review

D-Bal pills has natural ingredients that are quite promising for the bulking and strength cycles plus the buying and selling of it is completely lawful under any situation, time or need.

D-Bal cause no harm to your health neither is dangerous for you kidney or liver as Dianabol. It is a mild formula encouraging gains through natural processes that do not upset your biological system and end up on irrevocable losses.

D-Bal by Crazy bulk:

  1. Is oral supplement based on pills
  2. Requires no prescription or injections
  3. Is based on pure ingredients
  4. Generates super-quick results
  5. Is incredible for mass building and strength
  6. Has buy two get 1 FREE deal
  7. Is extremely affordable
  8. Is the natural alternative for Dbol
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We have provided a detailed coverage on Dianabol including its history, positive and negative changes it can bring to you.

We have also mentioned the acceptance rate this anabolic steroid has enjoyed by the people willing to grow bigger and faster.

But frankly speaking- we have openly discouraged the use of Dianabol and are completely against synthetic compounds that can you’re your health to serious destruction. According to us, no specific body goal justifies the need of using anabolics unless you have any medical need that is only treatable through them.

Rest assured, Dbal by Crazy Bulk is an extraordinary alternate you can resort to and run as bulking and strength cycles.

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Neither Dbal nor any other legal steroids coming from Crazy Bulk is associated with downsides that are alarming to your health so you can use it for as long as you feel your mission is accomplished.

Besides, you can personally visit the online website of CrazyBulk and learn more about how it can help you with your bodybuilding, weight lifting or sports related goals you have set for yourself.

So feel free to discover methods that are natural and safe for you as after all, health is all you should prioritize the most and should be something that has to be your central focus, no matter how important your goals are for you. 

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