The Perfect Guide to Dianabol – And Its Alternatives


Choose The Right Fitness Steroid To Get Your Dream Body Without a Hassle!

Are you looking for the perfect way to gain those bulky muscles and build the ideal body that you have always admired?

Well, there are many easy ways. You must have read somewhere how Dianabol is quite effective in bodybuilding and muscle strengthening, but if you really look into it, the case is otherwise.

If you don’t know what Dianabol is and what it does to your body, then you are in the right place.

We are here with the perfect guide that can help you understand what this anabolic steroid is, what effects it can cause to your body, and what alternative to choose.

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#1 What Is Dianabol?

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid, which is sometimes known as Methandrostenolone or DBol.


It was introduced in the early 1950s in the US as an alternative to the use of syringes and needles based on anabolic steroids by the Russian in the Olympics.

It was introduced so that the performance in the Olympics could be improved without having to inject the players with harmful steroids.

Dianabol was used to enhance the build of lean muscles and increase the energy levels.

This helped the Olympic players improve their performance to get better results. [clinical studies]

This powerful anabolic steroid gained immense popularity for a bunch of reasons, which are:

  • Dianabol was and is still available in the form of pills that can be consumed orally, with the help of liquids such as water, juice, or tea.
  • The ability to improve muscle growth to a super effective level, which is why it was actively used by bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Fat loss and muscle gain promotion to help gain lean body mass and thicker, stronger bodies.
  • It was and is still loved for the quick and satisfying results that were provided after only a few intakes.
  • The ability to increase and enhance the overall physical performance of one’s body was what made this steroid become the talk of the town.

These benefits were impactful enough to make this fitness steroid, one of the most commonly used and demanded steroid of that time.

The surprising body transformation that is provided to the users has them addicted. It helped lose all the fat in the body and grow stronger and stiffer muscles, resulting in the growth of pure and lean muscle mass.

However, the excessive and widespread use of the fitness steroid, at one point, brought notice to the fact that the consumption of this fitness steroid was causing multiple harmful side effects to the body of the users.

These side effects were so harmful to the body that it was later banned for use.

Do you want to know more about the reason why the Dianabol steroid was banned? Well, keep on reading!

#2 What Are the Side Effects of Consuming Dianabol?

The Dianabol pills were a success ever since they were introduced. It even became the best anabolic steroid in a matter of just a few days. But after a while, the harmful effects reported by the consumption of this steroid left everybody shocked to the core.

Side effects of Dianabol

Here are some of the prominent side effects that were caused by the usage of Dianabol steroids:

  • The absorption of fluids in the muscles.
  • The extensive amount of gas production in the body.
  • It also caused a lot of overall weakness in the body that affected the bodybuilding process.
  • The swelling of different body parts, which made it difficult for users to move around and work out.
  • The development of man boobs was increased, which further caused problems in building the perfect ideal body.
  • The high and increased risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.
  • The excessive growth of body hair also irritated the body.
  • The damage caused to the liver became very harmful.
  • It was also known for recurring nausea and stomach trouble it caused.
  • The acne breakout caused by these steroids made the users lose interest and avoid the consumption of Dianabol.
  • Last but not the least, it caused a major effect on the sex drive of many consumers, resulting in low and weak sexual performance.

These side effects made it obvious that it was definitely not good for use and caused many health problems to the consumers.

And if used for a long time, it would’ve caused so much harm to your body that you wouldn’t have been able to function at all. But like other fitness steroids, some benefits attracted the users.

Keep reading to know more about the benefits!

#3 What Are the Benefits of Consuming Dianabol?

Dianabol, the famous fitness steroid, gained a massive amount of popularity.

It was mentioned earlier in the article why it was one of the most demanded and used steroids, by bodybuilders and athletes. But, the popularity further resulted in everyone using it and letting their bodies get harmed by the dangerous side effects.

Even now that it has been banned and deemed illegal in every way, people still find a way to consume it without others knowing.

You must be thinking, what is the reason which causes people to still want to get their hands on this powerful fitness steroid.

Well, worry no more, we are here with a list of Dianabol benefits provided to its consumers:

  • Dianabol is and was previously available in the form of pills, as well as injections. Dianabol was the first anabolic steroid that was made available in capsule or pill form, which made it easier to consume when compared to other anabolic fitness steroids.
  • The anabolic steroid provided rapid, effective, and satisfying results, which has the users wanting more for better results.
  • It also produced a massive amount of lean muscles in the body and helped lose fat as quickly as possible, which was the main reason why people consumed this steroid in the first place.
  • The anabolic steroid also accelerated the metabolism rate that helped lose weight and keep the body strong and healthy.
  • Dianabol also gave the users a boost of energy every time they consumed the pills, which helped them work out better and longer for satisfying results. It also helped the athletes perform better for a long time.
  • The damage caused by the workouts and the performance on track was cured rapidly with the help of this fitness steroid.
  • It also promoted the distribution of protein within the muscle tissue to give the muscles more strength.
  • The steroid also helped reduce fatigue and keep it away so that the consumers could work out and perform harder and strong without getting too tired.

These were the reasons that led to the fame Dianabol received. These benefits were pretty evident after the consumption of the pills, and that is why most people were addicted to getting the best out of it.

People got results in almost a month and it was obvious how it transformed one’s body without a hassle.

However, the immense harm that is caused to the consumer’s body could not be justified by the benefits that it provided.

Many people experienced a good amount of improvements in their body but in the long run? It was proven to be one of the most harmful steroids that one could consume.

People regretted using it after they could visibly see the harm that it caused, and so will you, so it is advised that you do not consume it at all.

#4 How Does Dianabol Work?

The Dianabol pills work by distributing the proteins thoroughly among all the muscles of the consumers’ body.

Is Dianabol legal

The driving force behind this protein distribution is the reservation of nitrogen in the body. When Dianabol is consumed, the pills help increase the levels of nitrogen in the body.

Once the nitrogen is released from the pills, it is then distributed and carried to your muscles through your blood. The nitrogen helps enhance the flow of red blood cells throughout the complete body for better performance.

During the process, the metabolism rate spikes up and the various biochemical reactions get to work and take place throughout many places in your body.

These biochemical reactions dissolve a lot of energy that is already present in your body, which further helps you stay active during the day and participate in strict, physically demanding workout sessions.

The muscles in your body are supplied with a fair amount of nitrogen and red blood cells. The nitrogen is broken down within the muscle tissue bulk and it gets converted into healthy protein. The protein reaches the targeted muscles and absorbs them rapidly.

When this process takes place, many aerobic digestion starts in the presence of oxygen. When these reactions are initiated, the muscles get stronger and more pumped up, which helps them achieve more than they could before. The muscle structure comes to advantage and the layers of tissue absorb and digest protein to gain more strength.

Protein integrates itself with the muscles to give it more strength and mass.

Unlike the case with fats, losing muscle mass is harder and it takes a lot of time. So when the muscles get the patient dose regularly they start to grow rapidly, while the overall endurance and strength are also increased.

#5 Who Is and Isn’t Allowed To Consume Dianabol?

As you must have read all of the side effects that this anabolic steroid causes, mentioned above, so it is strongly advised that you do not consume it at all.

Such a strong anabolic steroid can only be handled by a professional athlete or a bodybuilder. But now that it is banned and the consumption is strictly prohibited, you can face serious charges if it is found in your body during a test.

The usage of the drug has been prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and International Olympic Committee (IOC), which makes it an illegal drug for not only the athletes and bodybuilders but also for everyone else in this world.

Once in a while, it can be used for medical uses, but never other than that. But if you still want that ripped and lean body with strong muscles, there are alternate options that can help you get all that.

We will be discussing more of these healthy and legal alternatives of Dianabol further in this guide.

#6 Is Dianabol Safe To Use?

By all means, Dianabol is NOT safe to use. It may have its surprising list of benefits but it is proven to be very harmful in the long run.

How to use Dianabol tablets

The side effects caused by the anabolic steroid can damage your body in many different ways. Testimonials and professionals say that the intake of Dianabol can decrease the promotion of testosterone in your body, which can cause many problems in your body.

Problems such as weight gain, low sex drive, muscle loss, and overall lack of energy and performance, can surface if your testosterone levels are low. Excessive use can also be fatal or it can cause permanent damage to your organs and other systems.

So, it is recommended that you use a healthy alternative to Dianabol.

These alternatives can help you get the same benefits of Dianabol, minus the side-effects.

#7 Why Should You Choose Legal Steroids?

As mentioned above, Dianabol can be pretty harmful to the body and even fatal in the longer run.

It can cause serious damage to your body and decrease your performance levels in every way. This might sound very disappointing but worry not, we have another way.

If you still want to gain healthy and lean muscles while you improve your overall performance, then there is an easier and safer way for you.

Legal steroids are much easier to consume and are way safer for your body.

They even show faster results compared to illegal fitness steroids. Legal steroids are made out of healthy and organic ingredients that are beneficial for your body; they also prevent any side-effects from occurring and damaging your body.

After the rapid and healthy results, they help them last longer so you can finally get the body you have always dreamt of, without causing harm to it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for legal steroid instead of the illegal, dangerous ones:

  • They are cleaner and healthier, which makes it the perfect steroid to consume for satisfying results.
  • They keep your body protected from any harm and side-effects, making them the safest way to gain more muscles and improving your performance at the gym.
  • They are completely legal and are tested by professionals, which means you can consume them daily without having to worry about your body too much.
  • They are cheaper than illegal fitness steroids and you can buy them in a bulk for long-lasting results.
  • They are easily available online, offered by the official fitness websites to help you build a strong, healthy, and lean body.

Now that you know how beneficial legal steroids are, don’t forget to grab yours so you can get the best out of them and have a better bodybuilding experience. But, you don’t know which one to choose?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore.

We are here with a list of the best Dianabol alternatives that can help you get the same benefits, without the harmful side-effects.

Keep on reading to know more about them!

#8 What Are the Best Dianabol Alternatives?

As we talked about earlier in this guide, legal steroids are way safer and healthier when compared to illegal ones.

It is advised that you don’t consume Dianabol at all, instead, you go for the organic alternatives that can do the same job for you, but without the side effects.

So, to save your time and help you choose, we are here with a list of the best Dianabol alternatives that you can get your hands on online, without putting a strain on your wallet.

In this listen we will be talking about:

  • General information about the products.
  • Pros and cons of consuming them.
  • Ingredients used in making them.
  •  Are the products safe to use?
  • Recommended Dianabol dosage.

D-Bal (from Crazy Bulk)

D-Bal is one of the most commonly used Dianabol alternatives and is known for its ability to give the fastest and the most satisfying results.

Crazy Bulk D-bal review

It enhances the growth of muscles and it helps you shed tall that fat without a hassle.

Many testimonials and users have stated that it is the perfect fitness steroid for bodybuilders and athletes as it can help with rapid recoveries as well.

It is also made out of natural ingredients, making it safe to consume daily.

D-Bal makes sure that you gain as many muscles as you can and keep them that way. If you follow the recommended dosage, you will be able to achieve your results in no time.


The ingredients used in making this legal fitness steroid are:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate:

Whey Protein Concentrate is perfect for building muscle mass and helps with speedy muscle tissue recovery so you can work out longer and better.

  • L-Isoleucine:

This ingredient is responsible for supplying muscle tissue as well as the explosive energy that can surely help you with your daily workouts. It also prevents fatigue, keeping you fresh throughout the day.

  • L-Valine:

L-valine helps pack your muscles mass and keep them the way they are, shredded and strong. It also gives the user a boost in physical strength to perform and gain better. [reference]

  • L-Leucine:

Just like L-Valine, L-Leucine promotes a higher endurance level while giving your body the needed energy boost every once in a while for longer and more effective workouts.

  • DHEA:

DHAE is a powerful anabolic amino acid that is responsible for building up muscle mass as well as enhancing strength and energy levels.


These are some of the pros of consuming D-Bal:

  • It helps promote muscle growth on a higher level. It also makes them stay once they are well-grown and stiff.
  •  It also enhances the nitrogen retention in your body to improve your energy and strength levels.
  • This product is known for its ability to enhance the protein distribution to your muscles through the bloodstream.
  • It helps you focus better and increases your endurance to make your trainer harder and longer for better results.
  • It is completely safe to consume as it is made out of 100% natural and healthy ingredients that are proven to be very beneficial for the body.
  • The reason why so many people are satisfied with the results of this product is that it shows prominent and satisfying progress in up to 30 days only.
  • The best part about using D-Bal as your Dianabol alternative is that you won’t even have to use needles or syringes, you just have to gulp them down with water.

These are some of the pros of consuming D-Bal:

  • If consumed excessively, D-Bal can be very harmful to your body, so it is better to take the pills according to the dosage regimen provided on the container, by your doctor/dietitian, or on an authentic website.
  • You can find the real product only on the official website and not on any physical store. But this will only help you get the authentic product at an affordable price, away from any fraud or scam.
Is it Safe to Use?

According to the manufacturer and many people who have used D-Bal, this product is completely safe to use.

You can consume the D-Bal pills daily freely, and you don’t even have to care about the side-effects.

If you consume this fitness legal steroid by the dosage regimen provided by the manufacturer or the dietitians/doctors, then you will get your required results in only up to 30 days.

Recommended Dosage?

The dosage regimen recommended by the manufacturer and the testimonials are to take 3 capsules with water approximately 45 minutes after your training session/ workout.

And you want to get the best results, use it for at least 2 months. Don’t forget to keep a healthy diet and strict workouts in check when consuming these fitness supplement pills.

DBULK (from Brutal Force)

DBULK, the most effective fitness formula, is an alternative for the most popular steroid, Dianabol.

Brutal Force Dbulk review

It is one of the most demanded fitness steroids that help build muscles and keep them lean and fit. DBULK enables you to push more weight and build muscle fast and effectively.

While building the muscles, DBULK makes sure that they stay lean and keep the fat away to result in a ripped, bulky body. Not only that, but the supplement also enhances rapid muscle recovery.

The three capsules a day regimen helps the results kick in as little as two weeks and show satisfactory progress.


The ingredients used in making this legal fitness steroid are:

  • Vitamin D3:

Studies have shown that Vitamin D3 helps increase muscle strength.

  • L-Isoleucine:

L-Isoleucine makes sure that your energy levels are boosted and pain endurance is increased when working out. Other than that, it also helps with muscle development, gaining lean body mass, and the recovery of injured muscles. [studies]

  • Suma Powder:

According to researchers, Suma powder enhances and promotes the natural production of testosterone.

  • Methylsulfonylmethane:

According to studies, Methylsulfonylmethane is good for recovering muscle damage, reducing muscle stiffness, and decreasing joint pain after workouts.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate:

If you want bigger and bulkier muscles? Then Sodium Hyaluronate is the one for you as it promotes muscle size and strength.

  • Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus Terrestris has many health benefits and a few of the most prominent ones are to enhance testosterone levels and help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels to have a lean and fit body.


These are some of the pros of consuming DBULK:

  • It helps you grow stronger, leaner, and stiffer muscles in a matter of almost a month.
  • It helps you gain strength for longer workouts so you can get better and faster results. The enhanced strength helps you lift more weights, which results in firmer and prominent muscles all over the body.
  • It also presents any fat buildup to give you a perfectly toned body, as well as the right fat and muscle ratio.
  •   It helps increase the pain endurance that further helps you work out harder and lift more weights for a longer time period.
  •  It helps with rapid muscle recovery as you can sometimes damage your muscles between workouts.
  •  It helps boost testosterone levels in the body, which helps greatly in the overall performance and muscle mass gain.

These are the cons of consuming DBULK:

  •  The only disadvantage of opting for DBULK is that it is only available on the manufacturer’s official website. You cannot buy it in physical stores, and if you do happen to find it out there, it is probably fake or a replica. The availability on only the website will help you get your hands on the authentic product and prevent yourself from getting into scams and frauds.
Is it Safe to Use?

The manufacturer and the testimonials have proudly informed us that DBULK by Brutal Force is completely safe to use.

It is made out of organic and safe ingredients, which means it can be consumed by a healthy person.

If used with the recommended dosage regimen, this product can help you reach your bodybuilding goals without a hassle.

Recommended Dosage?

The dosage regimen recommended by the manufacturer and the users is to consume it before meals with the help of liquids like water, juice, or tea.

Consume only 3-4 tablets each time and stop the use after a few days, only to resume it back after a gap of 6-7 days.

This dosage regimen will help you get your desired results.

#9 Where to Buy Dianabol or the Alternatives?

Well, as mentioned above in the entire guide, Dianabol itself is not safe to use. It has also been deemed illegal in many countries and is considered a crime if you intake this steroid at all.

That is why it is unavailable in shops and websites online, but you can only get your hands on it illegally, which is not recommended at any cost.

But, you want to choose any of the healthy alternatives mentioned above in the list, then worry no more.

These products are available on their official websites and can be bought at extremely reasonable prices.

They can be shipped to wherever you live so you can get the best out of the product without a hassle.

Here are the links provided to the commonly used legal steroids instead of Dianabol:

  1. Official Crazy Bulk D-bal
  2. Visit Official Dbulk website
  3. Dbal Max Official Website

Read through all of the info provided here to choose the best fitness legal steroid for yourself so you can finally get that dream body you have always wanted, without even facing any side effects.

Make sure you know all about the alternatives and tick all the points on the checklist before you choose your favorite one.

Say no to Dianabol, and grab your healthy alternative now!